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Ecology Around the World: Finland

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Zilele trecute ne-am indepartat putin de tara noastra, de la frigul de aici la frigul din Finlanda, mai precis Laponia, si am aflat de la Evelina din Rovaniemi cum se recicleaza la Polul Nord :)

Cititi mai jos, eco-interviul:

OV: Do you find recycling easy and well organized, or a difficult job to do?
EK: Recycling is made quite easy in Finland and when I recycle I can eaze my guilty conscience of being part of global warming ;)

OV: Do you separate waste in you home?
EK: Yes. In my apartment building we have bins for composte, paper and “normal” waste. In Finland we have a very good pawn system for bottle recycling, so recycling bottles is like putting money in the bank! Cardboard, tin cans/foil and batteries have to be taken further from home so they tend to pile below the sink…

OV: When going to a supermarket, to you carry on your own shopping bags, or do you get new ones there?
EK: Usually I have my own, but my heart doesn’t bleed if I have to buy a bag because at home I re-use the bags anyway (for the next round to the grocery store or finally as garbage bags).

OV: Do you use classic light bulbs or economic ones? Why?
EK: I have economic bulbs in the lights which are on a lot. (money saved in electricity bills!) But for places like the bathroom or bedside table, where you need to switch on and off often, I still have normal bulbs.

OV: When a light bulb burns out, do you recycle it or throw it away? Where would you recycle it?
EK: None of my economic bulbs haven’t yet run out so I haven’t bothered yet to check out where I have to take them for recycling. Normal bulbs I’ve just thrown in the normal waste (can you do that??)

OV: Where you live, do you use any kind of alternative energy (solar, wind energy)?
EK: I think in my area most of the electricity is water-powered…

OV: What do you do with electric waste?
EK: You mean batteries? Nowadays you can return them to any grocery store, so recycling them are made really easy.

OV: Do you notice people doing anything in particular for the environment? (sharing cars, using bicycles, planting trees etc.)
EK: When saving energy/electricity means a cut in your bills; people will make an effort! Did you know that by leaving your tv and other equipment on Stand-by, you loose quite a lot of money per year? And since oil prices are outrageously high in Finland: people are forced to think of their driving habits and gas consumption anyway. For houses, geothermal heating, air source heat pumps and passive energy building is becoming more popular. Forestry is one of the main industries in Finland so taking care of forest renewal is really important even without the environmental aspect.

OV: Is there any nationally recognized day, which celebrates an environmental event?
EK: If there is, no one told me!

OV:Is there anything that I’ve missed out, but that you find obvious in terms of the environment?
OK: The undeniable truth is that as long as being environmentally friendly means that you have to pay more or make more of an effort, most people won’t bother. I say we have to put a bigger price tag on anything that is not environmentally friendly: that is the most efficient way of making people turn their habits: Money talks!

Eveliina Korhonen, Rovaniemi, Finland

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