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Ecology Around the World: Sweden

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Ramanem in nordul Europei, cu eco-interviul. In Stockholm am gasit-o pe Tatiana, care ne-a explicat cam cum se descurca suedezii cu probemele de mediu. Mai jos, concluziile eco-interviului nostru:

OV: Do you find recycling easy and well organized, or a difficult job to do?

T: Here in Sweden it’s quite easy and well organized for some kinds of waste (paper, plastic). Other kinds (such as electric waste or paint or hairspray) are more difficult to recycle because they have to be taken in a particular place which is not so close to where I live.

OV: Do you separate waste in you home?

A: Yes, glass, plastic and paper.

OV: When going to a supermarket, to you carry on your own shopping bags, or do you get new ones there?

T: I happens that I carry my own bag (when I plan to go shopping.Mostly though, it’s unplanned and I have to buy a new one. In moststores they will give you a plastic bag for everything. I usually refuse taking bags when I don’t need them.

OV: Do you use classic light bulbs or economic ones? Why?

T: Mostly economic after a huge promo campaign. Bought many of them at once.

OV: When a light bulb burns out, do you recycle it or throw it away? Where would you recycle it?

T: Throw it away. Even though I’m aware that there should be a place where to throw it, I have to contact landlord for more information and I have never time to do it. Also, it seems to be far away.

OV: Where you live, do you use any kind of alternative energy (solar, wind energy)?

T: Some part of energy we’re using is wind energy.

OV: What do you do with electric waste?

T: Just throwing away or keeping (and then trowing away anyway)

OV Do you notice people doing anything in particular for the environment? (sharing cars, using bicycles, planting trees etc.)

T: yes, people in Sweden use bikes a lot and sharing cars is very promoted. A newly built part of Stockholm is all eco-friendly (renewable fuel energy and efficient energy consumption, water saving, car pools). Also people avoid eating certain kinds of food with high impact on the environment (fruit and vegetables that have been transported long way or grown in greenhouses, scampi or red meat).

OV: Is there any nationally recognized day, which celebrates an environmental event?

T: Not that I know

OV Is there anything that I’ve missed out, but that you find obvious in terms of the environment?

T: Not really

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