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Ecology Around the World: U.K.

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Ploua, nu ploua, englezii recicleaza. Din interviul cu prietena noastra Emma Jenkinson, ne dam seama ca sistemul este destul de bine organizat in Anglia si ca autoritatile sunt bine implicate.
Emma a locuit mai multi ani in Londra, dar s-a mutat de curand in York, mai aproape de locul ei natal.

Cititi in eco-interviu, cat de “evergreen” sunt englezii.

OV: Do you find recycling easy and well organized, or a difficult job to do?
EJ: I find recycling mainly easy.

OV: Do you separate waste in you home?
EJ: I separate food waste, but all other recyclable materials (glass, plastic, paper and cardboard) are collected together.

OV: When going to a supermarket, to you carry on your own shopping bags, or do you get new ones there?
EJ: I carry my own shopping bags when I can. There is the odd occasion, when I shop unplanned, that I’ll get bags. But if I know I’m going out to shop for groceries, I’ll take my own bags and load up the baskets on my bicycle… Or, if I’m walking, I’ll take my ‘rucksack with wheels’, so I can get loads of stuff without breaking my back…

OV: Do you use classic light bulbs or economic ones? Why?
EJ: I always use energy saving bulbs. They make sense economically, they’re easy to buy and it’s the very least we can do to curtail on our excessive energy expenditure!

OV: When a light bulb burns out, do you recycle it or throw it away? Where would you recycle it?
EJ: I haven’t had an energy saving bulb blow out on me yet!

OV: Where you live, do you use any kind of alternative energy (solar, wind energy)?
EJ: I don’t have any alternative energies at home, no. I don’t own my own place, but I think that if I did, and I felt able to afford to install solar panels, I would definitely do that.

OV: What do you do with electric waste?
EJ: If I have an electrical item that breaks down, I ask the council to collect it. I think they have a recycling program for electricals.

OV: Do you notice people doing anything in particular for the environment? (sharing cars, using bicycles, planting trees etc.)
EJ: Lots of people where I live cycle – but mainly because the city is small and the land is flat.

OV: Is there any nationally recognized day, which celebrates an environmental event?
EJ: I’m not aware of a national environmental day, but that’s not to say there isn’t one.

OV:Is there anything that I’ve missed out, but that you find obvious in terms of the environment?
EJ: No, you’ve not missed anything out, but it’s worth noting the work I do at Arc ( We’re a charitable organisation that promotes good, sustainable design in the built environment. We work on a number of projects engaging the local community on various levels, but we always work towards sustainable living – from working with the local councils and regeneration agencies on new building projects down to the little things that we do in the office – like making the decision to only buy fair-trade tea and coffee, and recycling food waste in an area where the council doesn’t pick up…

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